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Do you have an upcoming District Board of Education election? If so share details of the election with others in your District.
Are you, or are you aware of, a candidate for a district board who is a friend of choice in education? Let's get the word out to encourage a higher voter turnout and support.

MY Voice:

Okay, all you parents and voters out there...be honest! Have you ever voted in a district school board election? If so, how many times in your voting history? I'll be honest with you...until November of 2007, I had never voted in a school board election. And I can assure you I'm old enough to have voted in a fair number of elections!

Why had I never voted in a school board election prior to November 2007? I like to think of myself as an informed voter. The problem for me in the past with district elections is when I looked at the ballot, I didn't recognize a single name, nor had I taken the time to research the candidates or their positions. So I routinely skipped that portion of the ballot.

You are either shocked to imagine any citizen could be so ignorant and uninvolved, or this sounds eerily familiar to you. If you fall in the second camp, I am now speaking to YOU!

Have you heard the phrase, "All politics are local"? I have learned that lesson in recent years. I bet you all voted in the last presidential election, if not all presidential elections since you were 18. But do you vote in the mid-term elections? Do you vote for your state representative, state senator, county commissioners, city council members, or school board members? (If you can't even name the local elected officials who represent you, contact me. I would love to help you find and connect with them.)

Whether your children attend a neighborhood school, a charter school, a private school, or homeschool, the elected officials on the District Board of Education affect you as a taxpayer and homeowner, if not directly as your children's education provider (in the case of private or homeschool). If you're a charter parent and you think the district board has no influence on your school, you would be mistaken.

The relationship between districts and charter schools varies by district. But the district (in most cases) is the body that authorizes a charter school's existence and renews the charter periodically, as well as having direct impact on the finances of the charter school.

Therefore, regardless of where your children attend school, I strongly encourage you to get to know your local school board members (one way to do this is by attending board of education meetings). Find out how often the board member seats come up for election. Learn about the candidates and vote wisely. For more information, please contact me at donnell@parentalchoiceineducation.com.

For more information on becoming an advocate for choice in education, please visit the advocacy page on this site.

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