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Charter schools provide a wonderful option to the traditional neighborhood school or expensive private school. Many Colorado families have found charter schools to be a perfect fit for their children.

If you are not familiar with charter schools, or if the idea of choice in education is new to you, you might ask, "Why?---Why would I send my children anywhere but the neighborhood school? It was good enough for me when I was growing up; I want to support public schools." (First, and most important, charter schools ARE public schools.)

There might be plenty of wonderful reasons to send your children to your neighborhood school and it might be the best fit. But if not, isn't it nice to have choices? Consider this...do you only have one choice for your children's doctor, dentist, preschool, or extracurricular activities? No! If you are seeing a pediatrician who isn't providing adequate care for your child you have many alternatives. Can you imagine being "stuck" with a pediatrician who isn't meeting your children's needs? (For a fun look at concept of choice, read the 31 Flavors of Public Education blog by Karin Piper.)

Sadly, this is the case for many public school children. Some of us are lucky enough to live in high quality school districts. Others are not so fortunate. And some of those parents whose children are "stuck" in poor performing schools cannot afford to place them in private schools. And while there are nearly 150 charter schools in Colorado educating almost 60,000 students, there are thousands and thousands more on waiting lists.

Sometimes we think of charter schools as being a reality only in poor, low performance, urban school districts. Charters are doing wonderful things for students in those districts. But there are also many charter schools in suburban school districts, some of which are seen as providing a high quality education. Some might wonder why there is such a demand for choices in those areas. Parents have the same thing in common across socio-economic lines---we all want what is best for our children, and then maybe a little (or a lot) more beyond that!

This brings us back to the basic mission of this website..."to assist the growth of choice in education, improving the quality of education for all, by providing parents and community members with information, resources and networking, and encouraging grassroots advocacy on behalf of choice in education." The demand is clearly real. And the answer seems to lie in more choices for parents. Let's work together to make that happen.

What is a Charter School?

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Did You Know?

Most charter schools have informational meetings for parents looking for options for their children. Check the school website for dates and times.

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