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Charter School History

For an interesting and entertaining look at the origins of the charter school movement in the United States, please read the following entry on the Colorado Charter Schools Examiner.

Dear Reader,
This is your crash course in charter school history, narrated by your Colorado Charter School Examiner. Once upon a time, in 1974, there were no charter schools. Along came ... Full Story

"As if it's not boring enough to learn AT a charter school, I have to learn ABOUT them?! Yeah Right!"
-My son, a 6th Grade Charter School Student

History of Charter Schools in Colorado

The Colorado Charter School Act was sponsored by State Senator Bill Owens (R) and Rep. Peggy Kerns (D) and was passed in 1993. The bill was originally written with a sunset date in 1998, however in that year the sunset was lifted.

Academy Charter School in Castle Rock (Douglas County School District) opened in September 1993 as the first charter school in Colorado and remains a thriving and successful school today. Now there are nearly 150 charter schools in the State of Colorado, representing nearly 8% of the student population in the state. The journey since 1993 has not always been smooth. If not for the incredible tenacity of parents, school founders, education reformists, and forward looking legislators, we might not be enjoying the success and growth we experience in the present. But work remains...

For more information on the interesting history of charter schools in Colorado, please visit the history section of the Colorado Charter Schools Blo

The first charter schools in the United States sprouted in Minnesota. This interesting video documents some of that history.